Our Journey To Charlie & Levi...

After 17yrs of marriage and "8" amazing children, God has continued to keep the fire for adoption burning in our hearts. Crazy?... Maybe?!?! But....Doesn't God call all of us to do CRAZY things for him? Isn't that what it means to Live for Christ? To make a difference ONE orphan at a time. So after months of praying that this little guy would find a forever family, he FINALLY has!! OUR FAMILY!! Join us as we pray, cry, fill out mounds of paperwork & fundraise to bring our son home. We give God all the glory for choosing to adopt us & for giving us the opportunity to Choose Charlie...And because we could not get Zhora(Levi) off our minds and God obviously placed him in our hearts... We're bringing him home too!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wow!!! I had planned to try to post once a week. So much for plans. Ha! We have been blessed to the max over the past 11 weeks since the boys have been home! We have been overwhelmed with all the people that have blessed our family with meals, gifts, groceries, gift cards, etc, etc, etc... We can not believe what an outpouring of love that has been given to us. God has shown us in so many ways how he will ALWAYS provide. Not only did God pay for the $30K to get our sons home, he also has maintained our home in abundance since I have not worked since August. Wow!! He is SO good! " What God orders, God pays for"

The boys are doing great!

Levi is finishing up the final week of his meds for the endocarditis. Woot! Woot! This means no more daily trips to hospital for outpatient meds 9am & 9pm, no more weekly trips to cardiologist for echo, no more weekly blood draws. Levi will be missed at the hospital I am sure, and I am sure he will wonder why we no longer go. lol... He is eating like a champ with no teeth, & feeling great! He talks all the time, we just have no idea if what he is saying is Russian or if he is just jabbering. ha! We will see the cardiologist in 4 months to confirm whether or not they will close the opening in his heart. But for now it is functioning properly & there is no pulmonary hypertension. Yay! We will be seeing an opthalmologist in a few weeks and hopefully we will open up a whole new world to him with the gift of good sight! And... Monday he starts school with Charlie:) He will Love it!

Charlie Is doing great! He has missed being in school a lot the past 2 weeks & I am sure he will be excited to return to his routine. He is much more verbal now & is attempting to repeat words although they are hard to understand. He has about 15 signs that he uses, but he also says the words when he signs. His favorite signs??? EAT, MORE, NO! He is very stubborn and will refuse to do things.(Imagine that) Like pull his pants up or put his shoes on. But he hates to be ignored. So many times he will comply if we just ignore. His eating & drinking has improved. Taking smaller bites & eating slower(most times) and we are working on drinking from a cup with his tongue in. He tries so hard & we are so proud of him. He had an ultrasound last week & will be having surgery soon to repair some urinary issues, and then surgery to remove his monsterous tonsils. Please be praying that he handles it well. He is NOT a star patient! Ha! Also, we are watching his weight closely. He has lost 4lbs since coming home despite the fact that he eats like crazy. He was negative for celiac and his labs looked great! He also saw the cardiologist & his ASD is in fact closed!!! His only remaining defect is an enlarged aorta which generally does not cause a problem. As long as he puts on weight we will not see cardiologist for 1yr, but if he doesn't they will recheck him in 6 months.

We can not express to all of you how thankful we are for each & every one of you! You have all played a part in bringing these two boys into a family that loves them and we are forever grateful for your love & prayers...

Praying that you ALL have a Blessed 2011, And that these boys have touched your lives in the same way they have touched ours.

"He blesses those who provide for the orphan." Deut 14:29

Monday, December 13, 2010

Still Alive & Kickin'

It's been a while since I've posted. Things are busy here, but great! I can't believe it has been 8 weeks since the boys joined our family. Levi has been feeling better and better everyday. I think for the first time in his almost 4yrs he actually feels well!! We are finding that there is a little stinker behind that sweet little toothless smile. Ha!!! Tomorrow we are making the 4 hr drive to Cook Children's to see a cardiologist. Hoping to find out if we are or are not going to have to have heart surgery. He is still getting meds twice a day through his picc line and his labs have been good:) He is also getting meds for urinary issues as well:( Hopefully that will resolve. He absolutely loves to "Go". If any one heads to the door, grabs keys or puts a jacket on; He's running to put on his hat, jacket, and shoes. lol Charlie is doing great! He loves school & he is like a little sponge. He is having an echo on Wed. & we are trying to get him in to see what is going on with his vision & hearing on his right side. Oh, and apparently he had a hernia repair surgery that they didn't tell us about. Ooops!! Our entire family is so Blessed!! Everyone is adjusting well & most days it feels like our two newbies have been with us forever!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Skip The Steak!!!!

Wondering Where You can Help during the CHRISTmas Season???? Here's a GREAT suggestions. Make a donation towards Jayson's Adoption! This little guy needs a family and I can't think of anything better than helping this little one find his forever family. The #1 reason why families choose not to adopt is $$$MONEY$$$. Let's FILL his Adoption Grant Fund so that his "Forever Family" can bring him home!!! Right now Jayson has $36 in his Grant Fund. That would almost be enough for a couple to have a steak dinner. Skip the steak dinner & PLEASE help us grow his adoption fund by donating any amount. CLICK on the CHIP IN button to DONATE and give Jayson the Best CHRISTmas Present ever!!!!! How can you resist those chubby cheeks!!!!

Depraved Indifference

No Words can express how this makes me feel. I hope it touches you & stirs up the same emotions for the sake of His children.........

Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Surgery Down....Yay!!!

Levi's surgery went well yesterday. He no longer has tonsils, adenoids, or any teeth; but he gained a pair of ear tubes...Yay! We are still in the hospital. He is still struggling to keep his oxgen saturation up so he remains on oxygen & he has not been able to empty his bladder on his own since surgery. His pain is under control & he is resting well. Please continue to pray specifically for his breathing, that he would drink better & that his bladder would start working on it's own. We are grateful for all the words of encouragement and prayers. Will keep you all updated:)