Our Journey To Charlie & Levi...

After 17yrs of marriage and "8" amazing children, God has continued to keep the fire for adoption burning in our hearts. Crazy?... Maybe?!?! But....Doesn't God call all of us to do CRAZY things for him? Isn't that what it means to Live for Christ? To make a difference ONE orphan at a time. So after months of praying that this little guy would find a forever family, he FINALLY has!! OUR FAMILY!! Join us as we pray, cry, fill out mounds of paperwork & fundraise to bring our son home. We give God all the glory for choosing to adopt us & for giving us the opportunity to Choose Charlie...And because we could not get Zhora(Levi) off our minds and God obviously placed him in our hearts... We're bringing him home too!!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok.... We are in the HOME STRETCH!!!!!! If we can get 50 People to give $50.00. We will have reached our GOAL!!!!! Yay!!!! I can't believe it!! Thank you to every person that has given so far. Each one of you have played a HUGE part in helping to bring home 2 sweet orphans that will have a Mommy & Daddy in just a few weeks!!!!! Remember you can DONATE through the PAYPAL button OR for a tax deductible donation you can Donate straight to Reece's Rainbow http://reecesrainbow.com/familydonations.html (just put Charlie & Zhora for the Harper's)

Sweet Things We've heard from Other Adoptive families:

"Charlie LOVES to hug and snuggle & his favorite thing is doing puzzles" He actually has gotten in trouble for hugging the other adoptive parents visiting. I think he will know that we are his Mommy & Daddy when he gets to Hug & Kiss us without being scolded:)

"Levi LOVES that little tricycle and has a smile from ear to ear"

**Please Pray about how you can help us as we raise the FINAL expenses**

~Blessed to be Called

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