Our Journey To Charlie & Levi...

After 17yrs of marriage and "8" amazing children, God has continued to keep the fire for adoption burning in our hearts. Crazy?... Maybe?!?! But....Doesn't God call all of us to do CRAZY things for him? Isn't that what it means to Live for Christ? To make a difference ONE orphan at a time. So after months of praying that this little guy would find a forever family, he FINALLY has!! OUR FAMILY!! Join us as we pray, cry, fill out mounds of paperwork & fundraise to bring our son home. We give God all the glory for choosing to adopt us & for giving us the opportunity to Choose Charlie...And because we could not get Zhora(Levi) off our minds and God obviously placed him in our hearts... We're bringing him home too!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have You MISSED these little faces?

Since the 10 day waiting period in this region is really a 12-14 day waiting period...I am HAPPY to announce that today is DAY 13 and tomorrow the COURT DECREE will be picked up!!!! Praise God!!! Hopefully we will be able to pick up both of their birth certificates tomorrow as well, and then the following two days we will do their medicals, passports & visa's. Their passport pictures are already done:) My visits with the boys have been getting better every day. Levi is beginning to show signs of bonding which I was suprised to see so soon. He laughs and get's great big eyes and then sticks his little cheek out for a kiss:) And Charlie is interacting more with me and calms down sooner everytime I see him. He really is just so overcome with excitement when he see's me, that he can hardly control himself. Slowly I am seeing the inappropriate affection (slapping, pinching & hair pulling) disappear. The progress is truly remarkable!! I can't wait to see how quickly they learn what it's like to be in a loving family where you are loved unconditionally. Where you are held, and hugged, and kissed everyday. We forget that so many of us have had this since birth & it is amazing how different a child is that has NEVER had any of those things:( They are transforming before my eyes!!!

Sharing Mommy "Kinda"

His middle name should have been GIGGLE!

Hopefully you will see more frequent posts now, followed by "Gotcha Day" Pictures!!!

But let all those who take refuge and put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing and shout for joy, because You make a covering over them and defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You and be in high spirits. ~Psalm 5:11


  1. I am anxiously awaiting gotcha day like I'm the one being adopted!! It feels like when I was a kid on Christmas Eve...anxiously awaiting the big moment when you run to the living room and see the tree with the presents underneath. Only now, it's 2 little angel boys who have been rescued and will finally feel the love of a family....surrounded by a house full of brothers and sisters and loving parents. What a Christmas it will be :)

  2. Awe... what sweet pictures. I am so happy for them and your family. Can't wait till you get home and they get to meet their new family.

  3. I hope you got a lot done today (since it is now 9:45pm on Wed. there). You are finally on the final stretch and will be home before you know it!

    Any luck getting information in the HIV+ kiddos so that they can be listed?

    Praying everything goes smooth and quickly over the next couple days.