Our Journey To Charlie & Levi...

After 17yrs of marriage and "8" amazing children, God has continued to keep the fire for adoption burning in our hearts. Crazy?... Maybe?!?! But....Doesn't God call all of us to do CRAZY things for him? Isn't that what it means to Live for Christ? To make a difference ONE orphan at a time. So after months of praying that this little guy would find a forever family, he FINALLY has!! OUR FAMILY!! Join us as we pray, cry, fill out mounds of paperwork & fundraise to bring our son home. We give God all the glory for choosing to adopt us & for giving us the opportunity to Choose Charlie...And because we could not get Zhora(Levi) off our minds and God obviously placed him in our hearts... We're bringing him home too!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Metro & Monkey Dude...Day 2

Day 2 followed a very restless night, followed by oversleeping & having to rush to get ready. Then our phone was not working, because I knocked it off in the floor, so we did not get the message that a taxi was waiting for us. So finally Nikko shows up at 10:00 which is our appt. time. And we fly, I mean drive to the SDA. Luckily the Wojcik's have made it before us & are able to go in and then we go in after them. As my hands are dripping with sweat they ask a few questions & then we sit and listen to them talk back & forth. The lady leaves the room and then returns shaking her head NO & then much more talking back & forth occurs. At this point we know that something is not quite right. Then Serge tells us that because the papers were submitted for Levi later, we will have to have a 2nd SDA appt. for him. Uuugh! They did let us see both of the boys files, including sweet baby pictures & thankfully we will pick up the referral papers tomorrow at 3:00 which will allow us to see BOTH of the boys on MONDAY even though we still have to have the 2nd SDA appt.!!! Taking a picture of the both of the boys to the next SDA appt. so that I can trade them for the baby picture in their files. Thanks Mom, for the scrapbook otherwise I would not be able to get my hands on the only baby pictures they have:)

After lunch with our facilitators & lots of information, we headed back to rest & then out to explore & meet the Wojcik's at TGIF's. We did manage to get off the metro at the correct stop, then we walked, & walked & walked. Finally after asking about 6 people, all we can manage to get was a $6.00 taxi ride around the block. Ha!!! We knew we we're close:) After dinner we walked around, purchased a microphone so we can Skype with the kids, and had a confrontation with a Monkey. Hmmm...Weird I know, but as we are taking pics in the fountains the man makes his way into our pics, and then tells Sid that this is his work & he must pay!!! He wanted $6.00. He made a big scene and as usual I hit the road while Sid smooth talked the guy. Needless to say we will be avoiding that area in the future.. LOL Last, we went the wrong way on the metro, got off and went back the other directions, Sid fell UP the steps for about the 4th time today, & we crashed in our apt. Home Sweet Home:) Here's some pictures from today...

SDA Entrance

St. Andrew's Cathedral Next to SDA

Sid is Dangerous with the video camera!!!

"The Infamous Monkey" Yikes...

Time frame For the next few days:

  • Pick up referral papers at SDA for both boys Friday 3:00
  • Meet boys at orphanage on Monday
  • Wait to hear appt. time for 2nd SDA appt
  • Wait to hear time for court date


  1. You guys look great for your SDA appointment! Can't wait till you get to meet your boys on Monday! Love, Bella's Mama

  2. I can't believe they're making you go back for a second appointment!! That is exactly what happened to us. I pray it doesn't cost you a two week delay like it costed us! Can't wait til Monday!! Doesn't it stink that you're in the same city as Charlie and Levi and you're not allowed to see them.

  3. LOVE the pics. I'm so glad you're able to have internet and update because I need a Harper Adoption fix DAILY!!! :) Love you guys!!!!

  4. I agree, we need daily updates :). Praying everything goes smoothly as planned.

  5. I'm glad you made it to your appointment!! Hopefully the second SDA appointment won't cause any major delays. Oh, and I love the tip about bringing a photo of Darya to exchange with them so I can get a baby picture! BTW, I have that same white shirt :-)

  6. Glad you made the SDA appointment. stinks you have to have another one though. It must be torture having to wait until Monday!! Hopefully the weekend flies by for you two.

    Monkey is a little weird!!

  7. I've enjoyed your posts. The videos of your boys have brought tears to my eyes.